It is a great honor to introduce you the company which managed to capture the market and take the leading positions in a quite short period of time.


“GOLD WAY” is Georgian company, which was established in 2011 year. On the base of European experience, with the motivated employees, right management and high quality product “GOLD WAY” became a revolutionary company on the market.

With the help of innovations and creativeness, company “GOLD WAY” implemented the new culture of service.

Taking care about the customers, informational transparency, fast and effective ways of solving problems, insured responsibility and low rates – is not the full list of company’s values and we are proud of it.

Nowadays, “GOLD WAY” is a partner of the leading companies from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan and it is a guarantee of reliability of “GOLD WAY”.


With the help of innovative freight costs and values mentioned upward, company reserved customers trust and support in the first months of operating.

From foundation till today “GOLD WAY” takes care about service and product improvement to be flexible and acceptable for each customer.

Every opinion of our customers is important for us, because such vision gives us possibility to improve our service to right direction.

At the end of 2012 year, because of reliability of “GOLD WAY”, the foreign companies from Armenia and Azerbaijan became our partners.

According to the foreign demand, we made decision about entering Armenian market. In 2013, the first foreign branch of “GOLD WAY” was opened in Yerevan, which offers a flexible and comfortable service to our foreigner partners.

Market Share

Overview (2011-2014 year)



Type Of Transportation: Road 

Road Transportation (FTL, LTL) from Europe and Turkey are two of “GOLD WAY” strongest directions. “GOLD WAY” owns warehouses in several countries of Europe. It gives us possibility to control the process of the transportation fully and the results are high quality service and low costs of transportation.

Type of Transportation: Air

Company “GOLD WAY” provides Air Transportation Service from all over the world and according to the freights, it is one of the leading company in Georgia and Armenia.

Type of Transportation: Sea

For “GOLD WAY” Sea Transportation is a newly opened direction. During company’s two years operation on the market we did not have Sea Freight Service, because according to our opinion every company should be specialized on that directions, in which they are the best ones.
Despite of this opinion, when company opened its own branch in Armenia, a huge demand of Sea Transportation Service took place. For the purpose of meeting this demand, there was formed the new direction for Sea Freight. Nowadays this direction is in the process of refinement, but we are glad to mention that our rates are already competitive in Georgian and Armenian Markets.

Future Plans

Till the end of 2014 year, we are planning extension on Georgian and Armenian markets. As soon as company becomes stable on Armenian market (according to the first data this process overcomes the plan) we start the preparation for the entering the market of Azerbaijan. Countries mentioned upward are quite interesting for our company in Economical and business terms.

Thank you for your attention
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