Air Freight

Our company offers you air freight from any location throughout the world.

When transporting your cargo by air you receive it in the shortest time (3-5 days). By all means air freight is generally more expensive than other types of transportation but sometimes it is a very needed and profitable service because of giving you an opportunity to receive your goods very fast.

Our company offers you air transportation of any type of goods. We guarantee you the best prices on the goods with packing of bigger sizes (more than 30 kg).

We have an ability to pick up your cargo from any location throughout the world and deliver it to the nearest airport where it will be transported from to the final one or transport it from the airport where it is delivered by your supplier in case of agreement.

The service of air freight of our company refers to:

  • Pick up the goods from its location and deliver to the airport;
  • Goods warehousing;
  • Preparing of all needed documents;
  • Transporting of goods which need temperature control;
  • In case of transporting hazardous goods controlling and managing the whole process of preparing and introducing the necessary documents;
  • Delivery to the final airport.

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