Creation of own customs terminal and system of customs warehouses became a new and ambitious step on the Georgian market by Gold Way.

The main goal of our company is to create maximum comfort for our clients based on the principle of one umbrella. Since international transportation is a complex service, we try to offer each of its components exclusively to our clients, and the creation of the GOLD WAY customs terminal serves to improve this idea.

The cargo carried by GOLD WAY ground transport enters the GOLD WAY customs control zone, where the cargo is unloaded, stacked and marked until the client arrives. At the same time, the GOLD WAY customs officer clears the cargo on the spot without queues, which is an additional convenience and saves your time and resources.

When transporting groupage cargo through the customs control zone, we provide the following types of services:

არ გამოტოვო სპეციალური შეთავაზებები

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