About Us

“Gold Way” was founded in 2011, when there was a great demand on reliable and individual service on Georgian market. In the aim of providing such kind service there was created a union of professionals with great experience on European market. Our main target was implementing a service of high quality at low prices. Reliable service led us to the fast growth of the company and the strategy of the union was updated to the idea of “decreasing the transportation prices keeping the high level of service quality”, which was successfully realized and established.

The logistic group of “Gold Way” is oriented to offer you transparent and dependable service to give you an opportunity of transporting your goods in the most profitable, secure and optimal way. Professional managers, specialized processes, modern technologies – these are the main factors creating our enhanced service at reasonable prices.

Individual approach to the process of each case is the key point determining the success of our company.


Logistics is one of the most meaningful spheres of the contemporary world which plays a great role in the consolidation of the economic situation of the country. Our mission is productive participation in the process of development of the domestic and foreign trade of Georgia on the basement of offering operative, trustful and high-quality service to the companies working on import or export.


Our aim is offering and implementing innovative logistic service on Georgian market, which is built on efficiency and professionalism, on the planning of the most optimal routes for the trucks and saving the financial and time resources for our customers. We are working day after day in the aim of satisfying all the needs of our customers. Our team managed to create such a reliable service for the customers that our company became one of the leaders among Georgian logistic companies and our aim is to extend this success and to reach the aims which are profitable and very important for every business.


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